Korogwe in Tanga Region

Korogwe in Tanzania

Korogwe is located on the western side of Tanga Region at the foot of the Usambara Mountains. It is easily accessed by road from Tanga, Dar es Salaam, Moshi, Arusha and other regions of Tanzania. Korogwe district has high mountains and flat plains with sisal plantations. These mountains are part of the Eastern Arc Mountains. It lies between 400 and 1,550 m above sea level. The main source of water of Korogwe town is Pangani ‘Ruvu’ river. ‘Ruvu’ means ‘never dry water channel’ in Zigua tribal language; the Zigua people originate from this area. The Pangani river gets its water from Mt. Kilimanjaro, passing through the dam Nyumba ya Mungu (translated as "God’s House") nearby Korogwe, reaching the Indian Ocean near Pangani town. Korogwe town is at the back door of the Amani Nature Reserve. Between the town and the Reserve lie tea estates and beautiful mountain forest.

What to do:

  • Biking - Possible to bike around the area starting from Korogwe town to explore history, culture and current agriculture.
  • Hiking - Half day or day trips starting from Korogwe or nearby to view and experience the diverse nature of the Korogwe area with steep mountains and open plains.
  • Cultural Tourism - tours to the nearby attractions like walking safaris into the indigenous forests and through villages to spectacular view points are offered. Also guided tours through the first mental hospital in East Africa in Lutindi can be done.

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