Endless Beaches – Amazing Vacation

Relax on your dream vacation on one of the untouched beaches of the Tanzanian mainland coastline.

What to do:
Sand Banks – A daytrip to one of the many sand islands in the area for some snorkelling, swimming, diving or simply enjoying the beautiful turquoise sea.
Sailing – Get a glimpse of the African sailing tradition and cruise along the coastline in a ngalawa (canoe) or a traditional dhow.
Fishing – Enjoy a day trip fishing with local fishermen.
Kayaking – Looking for some adventure, then take a kayak and paddle out from the beach and view the coastline from afar.
Windsurfing – with great winds throughout most of the year and warm water temperatures, windsurfing is a great way to get active and spend your time at the beach. Beginner’s courses are also offered.

TATONA members at the Beach:

Beach Crab resort , Ushongo
Fish Eagle Point, Mkadini
Tanga Beach Resort, Tanga
Tanga Yacht Club, Tanga
Tanga International Competence Center,
TICC, Tanga
Capricorn Beach Cottages,
KigombePeponi Beach Resort, Kigombe
The Beach Crab Resort, Ushongo
Kijongo Bay Beach Resort, SangeT

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