The first European to reach Lushoto was the Missionary Johann Ludwig Krapf who in 1849 was given a warm welcome by king Kimweri I. The German Colonial Government founded today’s Lushoto in 1898 as “Wilhelmsthal” (after the name of the German emperor), which became an important centre of colonial settlement and plantation agriculture. When driving up the mountains, the scenery becomes even more spectacular past Soni as you wind further through forest and steep cultivated slopes to reach Lushoto. Lushoto is among Tanzania’s popular cultural tourism programs. Also offered are over a dozen different guided tours around the Usambara mountains, ranging from three-hour strolls to day hikes or a challenging five day bicycle trip to Moshi via the Pare Mountains.

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Avocado lodge
IrenteView (15 min out of Lushoto town)
Lawns Hotel
Mambo View Point Ecolodge, Mambo (2 hours from Lushoto town)
Lawns Hotel, Lushoto

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Shambaa eco tours
Mambo View Point Ecolodge, Mambo (2 hours from Lushoto town)

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